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Editorial Reviews

The “Four Seasons Method” is more than a metaphor or an analogy about life cycles. Simply, it is a method to assess and rebalance one’s life. It is a reminder that life is full of numerous cycles from start to finish and renewal all over again. Applying Tobe’s method allows one an opportunity to put his method into action for any aspect of our lives that may need improvement or change.

Tobe has done an amazing job tying The Four Seasons Way of Life analogy together with his story behind the seasons: Beginning with Spring as a time to plan, make decisions and commit. Summer as a time to nurture what you have planned or weed out the problems and move ahead with passion. Fall as at time to reap what you have sown; while accepting, learning and gaining closure on matters. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the Winter when you take the time to reflect upon what you have learned and appreciate your successes; while making an effort to maintain yourself and remember to recuperate and prepare for the next cycle.

Furthermore, Tobe has given an excellent primer on non-traditional medicine and its applications to health and wellness. I, as an MD and Family Physician, trained in the traditional ways of Western Medicine, never had the opportunity to learn nor understand the ways of Eastern Medicine. I always knew that there must be something to this as it has survived for over 5000 years, but I never understood it. The terminology of Meridians, Acupuncture and Acupressure points just did not fit into the education that I trained and practiced under. However, my education had often failed my efforts with my patients and I looked to other non-traditional approaches.

I was introduced to Tobe over 10 years ago and began collaborating on patients. His “HansOn Muscle Therapy” (HMT) has proven successful beyond anything I ever anticipated. In fact, I as well as many of my friends and family members have been his patients over the years. It goes well beyond the actual treatments he applies, but the “Method” he teaches as he works on his patients. In essence The Four Seasons Method.

For those readers of Western Medical training or mindset, I suggest reading the appendix first as an essential background education that will assist the reader in understanding some of the references to “Traditional Chinese Medicine”. I too was a bit perplexed in the past when patients have come to me stating that their “Gallbladder” organ system was amiss after an evaluation from Tobe and I could find no such traditional medicine problem in the “gallbladder system”. Tobe educates us in his book about the 12 organ systems and how they manifest as a disturbance along an axis or meridian and how it will relate to symptoms and disorders which is not taken literally as a problem in that specific organ but rather along that organs associated tissues or functions.

Tobe’s exercises to introspect and assess where one is at should not be overlooked. These are important lessons to learn from, and I would suggest reading and rereading these last sections of his book. I too learned that I am stuck in “Winter” at times as I don’t usually know my own limits and try to meet the needs of others at the expense of myself. This has given me hope to renew and improve myself. To quote Tobe: “Life is a continuum of problems to solve and lessons to learn. Once you accept this truth, then the problem you’re facing is no longer a problem but rather an opportunity to learn.”

Congrats Tobe on writing this book and helping so many others. I am proud and honored to consider you a friend and fellow healer.

Béla S. Kenessey, MD
Diplomate, American Board of Family Physicians
Fellow, American Academy of Family Medicine

Tobe Hanson has created a very inspiring and useful work. It is a very clear exposition of Chinese medicine, but it is much more than technical. This book is eminently readable. Readers will become engrossed in the aura of a true healer with a huge heart and great discerning wisdom. The clinical stories are impressive, and his wise advice based on sound principles are inspiring. The season-based checklist queries toward the end are especially valuable tools for personal growth. A must read for thoughtful inquiring people!
Bill Gray MD, Saratoga, Ca.