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In the Four Seasons System, each season is related to a specific action, or “doing". The earth metaphor is about “being” present.

Each season has its purpose. In spring, we fertilize and plant, meaning we get clarity about our intentions, change approaches that did not work and commit ourselves assertively to the beginning of a new cycle. In summer, we water and weed our tender crop, authentically and joyfully engaged. In fall we bring in the harvest, accepting with empathy what we’ve reaped and learn from all experiences. In winter, we store energy and preserve our harvest by remembering what we’ve learned and appreciating what we have. The earth represents being calm and present throughout the entire cycle of all four seasons of doing.

Almost all accidents and injuries happen when an individual is not being present and not paying attention to what they are doing. Just as in nature, the seasons or circumstances in our personal life often change unpredictably or suddenly. A balanced “inner Earth”, centers us, so we can be grounded, be present, and be calm in the midst of a storm or any circumstance. An imbalance in Earth affects our physical, mental and emotional health as well as prevents us from living in the now.
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