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In the Four Seasons metaphor, fall represents reaping the harvest you've planted and tended over the spring and summer. This is the time farmers are rewarded for their labor and reap their crop.

Fall stands for the metaphorical harvest - the completion, finishing, the consequence and end result of anything you do. It could be the completion or conclusion of a conversation, the end of a day, the completion or failure to complete a task, or the reception of test results that indicate you or your mate is pregnant. This outcome or harvest could be interpreted as good or bad by you, nevertheless it is what it is; your harvest. It is your karma, the consequence or outcome of your words and actions, or lack thereof. It is your health and success, or lack thereof. A balance of our inner “fall” represents the ability to accept what life brings us, learn from it, get closure and move on. We harvest anytime something is completed or anytime we learn from life experiences to be better for them.
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