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Spreading The Word

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For almost three decades I have been working on the Four Seasons System with a burning desire to heal the whole body, improve human peace (being) and performance (doing) in order to enhance personal growth. This book has been self published with no other marketing than word of mouth.

It needs your help to survive and help others. Please help to spread the word by sharing its website with everyone that is seeking to improve the quality of their life and the life of others.

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Please come back and re-visit this website, to be a part of the spreading and growth of “the Four Seasons System”.

See how the word is getting around, with your help, as you watch the number of visitors increase on our web site visitor counter.

I will update this page with the latest information about “The Four Seasons Way of Life” book sales, Kindle (e-book) sales, my quest to get the book published and marketed by a publishing company, as well as development of new products such as an audio book, on CDs or MP3, smart phone apps, educational DVDs, and possible workshops.

    Great News!!!

Listen here to a radio interview with Tobe Hanson about his book ‘The Four Seasons Way of Life’.

Thanks to all of you, as of right now our website now has over 131016 visitors!!!!

A second, slightly improved edition of this book is NOW available!

This edition is also self published; it is however printed and distributed by a publishing house, Balboa Press, a subdivision of Hay House.

If you found the knowledge in this book helpful to you, please keep spreading the word so that it can reach and help many more.

The publishing business of today is all about having a following. The survival of this book is completely dependent on word of mouth. Your ongoing support is crucial to making this book a success and ultimately to be picked up by a publishing company.

Sincere Gratitude,

Tobe Hanson