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In the Four Seasons metaphor, spring is associated with birth, new beginnings, fertilization, and planting. Spring is the metaphoric beginning or start of a cycle of time. This cycle could be of any duration of time, from a few seconds to years or decades.

Spring is our own birth as well as the beginning of a new day, week or year. Spring is the start of a conversation, the conception of a bright idea or goal, a commitment or decision to do something, as well as the beginning of any task. Every moment is a new beginning. Everything you say, think, or do right now, is a choice or a “seed” planted and the beginning of a new “Four Seasons” metaphor of time. All seeds grow into something, whether good or bad. Our choices affect our ability to succeed and our health. Balance in spring means being assertive, and taking responsibility for what you think, say and do. This way you can make conscious choices, directing your life to what you need instead of just being a victim of circumstances or blaming others.
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