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In the Four Seasons metaphor, summer is associated with watering the positive and weeding out the negative. Summer stands for joy, being engaged, loving what you do, being connected with your heart, being authentic, being inspired, and having fun.

Summer is the time between planting (the beginning), and reaping (the outcome) of all things. All this is important because it allows the seeds you planted in spring to grow and strengthen and eventually yield fruit. Obviously, if you don't plant the right seeds in spring/do not like the choices you made, you won't feel the joy that's possible in summer. And if you don't do the weeding and watering throughout the summer, you won't have a positive harvest in the fall. During this time, it’s very important to discern what growth brings forth good fruit, to weed out obstacles and negativity, to stay authentic, to be true to your heart, to be engaged in what you do. Do what you love or find a way to love what you do. Any task, labor, or relationship where one does not engage with their heart will affect their performance, happiness, and ultimately their health.
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