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If this book and my teachings have touched your life, please share
your growth experience in a testimonial.

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Barbara Miller
I'm re-reading your book for the third time now. Of course you're 100% on target regarding my "endless summer." As I kept reading I realized that more and more of my life had the same theme. My divorce isn't done, my house isn't done, my degree isn't done, and now even my injury isn't done. I jump into a new project, meet obstacles, lose momentum, and it fades away. I thought it was ADD -and so does the doctor who prescribes my Ritalin!

Ironically, authenticity is my number one "partner trait" - this sure wasn't true of my ex or the off-and-on relationship I've had the past 8 years.

Your book gave me the gestalt sense of dozens of carefully chosen books, hours (years actually) of counseling, and several workshops all intuitively and precisely combined and aimed at the real issues and problems we face today. Anyone who reads it can't help gaining something positive and losing something negative in one or more areas of their life. It's a powerful reminder that we control our own destiny- by choice, not chance.

I'm really glad you shared this with me. I feel like Iv'e been asleep for a long time. Thanks for waking me up. :) Barb

Stacy T.
Having become a student of The Four Season’s Way of Life, my life if filled with a little more joy, a few more moments filled with peace and a whole lot more days where I am present and accounted for in the lives of those that I love most in this world.

Being a member of 12-step groups for nearly 25 years, I have sought much help along my journey through recovery. Going to see Tobe for relief of acute neck pain over the past 2 years and listening to him talk about the Four Season’s Way of Life, I would leave there not only in less pain but with a new v lease on life. It was the Mind, Body, Spirit connection that I was getting to learn more about through my physical pain. Quieting my mind and achieving balance are my biggest challenges today; learning about the season’s and the meridians is helping me to connect it all together.

It all sounds and feels very complicated; but what I am learning from Tobe’s book is the opposite, it is all very simple. If I continue to practice the work outlined in this book, I will have a more centered and balanced life.
Thank you, Tobe, for taking the time to get it from your mind to print so that I and many others can benefit from your experience, time and WISDOM

Warwick (Nick) Nicholas
I had tennis elbow in 2010 and spent over 2 years trying everything from steroid shots and physical therapy to plasma injections. Finally I tried a follow up with Tobe. He said that it wasn’t normal to be treating this for 2 years and there had to be something else preventing my elbow to heal. After listening to me, he determined that I wasn’t breathing in a relaxed fashion and that business stress was a major factor. The tension ran from my neck, down my shoulders and elbows. Tobe shared his breathing technique for me to practice at bedtime, the morning and when feeling stress. He advised that in 2 weeks, it’d be much better. I was hopeful, but not expectant.

2 weeks later, I wanted to send him a bottle of wine…my arm was better. The breathing technique makes me aware of tensing up my muscles and trains me to relax. I can’t thank Tobe enough. His many years of experience and caring nature have equipped him to hone in on the core issue and bring real healing.

Note from Tobe: "Those breathing exercises Warwick used are described in the book. Not breathing correctly is often the cause of chronic neck, upper back and arm pain. No one is aware when they are not breathing right. The moment we become aware of it, we start to breath right."

Tom Holy
Reading this book and working with Tobe has transformed me as a person and as a professional.

Until a year ago, I was resigned to the stark reality that I was going to have to live in pain for the rest of my life. It felt as if there wasn’t a way to help myself feel better. And at the age of 31, it was a tough future to look forward to.

Tobe opened my eyes to why I had the pain that I did and gave me the tools to help correct it myself. Not only am I feeling better physically, but I am more clear minded and happier in everyday life. It took a great deal of work to get to this point, but having The Four Seasons Way of Life gives me a resource and guide that helps me maintain a more balanced life.

The teachings in this book have changed my life and I hope that others can feel its impact as well.

Tom Holy
Media Relations Manager
San Jose Sharks
Sharks Sports & Entertainment

One of the most important books I've read. Tobe uses the Four Seasons System to help you change the cycle of unhealthy patterns that cause pain and suffering and find the kind of peace that comes from living an authentic life. Learn to diffuse tension in your mind and your body. A must read for anyone seeking greater fulfillment, balance, and health their lives. You will be happier and healthier for it. All The Best Tobe! Jennifer