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In the Four Seasons metaphor, winter is associated with a shutting down, quiet reflection, recovery and rest. After taking in the harvest, accepting and receiving the outcome of what you planted in the spring and nurtured in the summer must be cured. The knowledge you gained from this process needs to be retained, or stored up, so you can better plant and nurture the following spring.

Everything in your life has a winter phase. It is the time between finishing and starting over again. The end of the day, like winter, is a time to rest and recover from a full day of work. You must rest to take care of your body and recover your strength so you're ready to do it all over again the following day. Winter is about storing and preserving; remembering what you learned and appreciating what you have. If you do not remember lessons learned you have to learn them all over again. Not resting, recovering and retaining will affect your health and performance. Balance in winter is important because storing and preserving what you've worked so hard to harvest, ensures your survival as well as promotes your continued growth in the following spring.
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